We are looking forward to our next event at Wickham Bishops on the 11th June 2022 in the village hall.  We have a talented range of makers exhibiting at this event including…Denny Steiner Ceramics, Mervyn Linford Author, Enchanted Wax Ltd, Krafts by Kiah, Giraffe Cheesecake Crochet, Bev’s Pantry, Alison Howlett, Moon Shadows, The Soap Den, John Doody, MJB Images, Nikki’s folly Jewellery, Essex Poms, Hola Bisi Designs, Glen Wade, Me Time Essentials, Bill Newman, Sandford Nash, Barbara’s Crafts, Marmic Manor Crafts, Effime Home Ltd, Aldeburgh Botanic and Kaliste Creations.

Here are a few featured makers…

Denny Steiner Ceramics…


Krafts by Kiah…

T-shirt Material Shoulder Bag – £10

Sanitiser Bottles (prefilled) – £3.50

Floral Earrings – £2.50

Floral Keyrings – £2

Rainbow Bracelet – £3

www.kraftsbykiah.co.uk , Instagram is @kraftsbykiah and my Facebook is @kraftsbykiahzb


Moon Shadows…

Original One of a kind artwork and sculptures by Gary Stenning.





Effime Home Ltd…

“Effime Home was formed by the love of a mother and daughter working together to create luxury handmade products to boost wellbeing, as this has been our passion.  Our handmade home fragrances were born out of our love for home comfort, using high grade fragrances, to evoke a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. All our jewellery are hand-crafted with gemstones, freshwater pearls along with gold filled beads and sterling silver.  We are an independent company based in London that believes in using products that are paraben and cruelty-free. All our products are ethically sourced. No harsh chemicals, no artificial colours, only the best tried and tested fragrances are selected for our collection.”


Aldeburgh Botanic…

“Aldeburgh Botanic: Planet friendly candles that don’t cost the earth!  The Aldeburgh Botanic candle range uses wax made predominantly from rapeseed grown in the UK. It is a little more difficult to work with than imported paraffin or soy wax blends but worth the effort to reduce the carbon footprint of my candles.  As much as possible I use fragrances sourced and blended in the UK and Europe. I also use packaging made from recycled/recyclable materials. While these materials may cost a little more, they are an important factor in reducing Aldeburgh Botanic’s impact on the environment.”

The Sea Collection

Candles, tealights and diffusers inspired by the Aldeburgh coast.

High Tide : a citrus blend of grapefruit, herbs and amber with sea salt 220g candle £17.50

Low Tide : Ocean scents with notes of sea salt, bergamot, orange, eucalyptus and musk  220g candle £17.50

XL scented tealights 20g £2 each

The Moods Collection

Candles, tealights and diffusers for every mood

Transcendence – Escape on a fresh floral scent, spices and apple, a heart of melon and tuberose and notes of sweet orange and ylang ylang to lift your mood.

Contemplation – Bergamot blends with sweetened tobacco leaf to create feelings of deep relaxation.  Citrus notes of orange and lime curb stress and anxiety.

Composure – A complex scent of dark honey and spices mixed with nicotiana on sandalwood, tonka and patchouli to provide a sense of calm and peace. Our best seller.



Kaliste Creations…

Eco Denmark…

“The assortment varies with different sizes and designs. I had chosen white oak because of its natural antibacterial properties, unique grain structure and amazing colouring. I use only natural beeswax as a finish to assure waterproofing and surface resistance.  All products had been made to last for years and come with a lifetime guarantee. Also, my products have multiple applications: copping, cutting, serving, displaying or just enjoying it in your kitchen or dining room.”