We have a fantastic fully booked event at Horringer this Sunday, this will be our second Christmas craft market following on from a very busy Lavenham last weekend.  Amongst our makers are Kay Shorter, Ben’s Bags & Cushions, Barbara Nunn-Clarke, Nadine’s Cakes and Celebrations, Luciana Candler, Hugs by Helen, Wendy Kelly, Sandstorm Glass, April Blossom Studios, By Laura Grace, Rural Images Photography, Massimo’s Resintastic, The Home Fragrance, Hummingbird Designs, Stitches by Stacey, Anne’s Pots, Jenny Southgate Jewellery, Rushmere Glass Studio, Pink Lotus Jewellery, Rustic Reindeers and  Violas Epoxy Decor.

Wendy Kelly…

“I’m a retired teacher and started crafting making tags, gift boxes, cards etc and people said they were good and very different.”
By Laura Grace…
A little bit about me & my small business: 
“My name is Laura & I began “By. Laura Grace” in November 2020. I am 24 years old & I’m currently working on my lifelong dream of becoming an International high jumper. I started my small business to give me the flexibility to do all the training that I need to do & I will always be grateful for my customers for supporting me in this journey! I have always been a lover of candles & nice smelling things so it seemed the perfect place to start. I am also a lover of our planet, so I am always doing what I can to make my brand as eco friendly as possible – constantly exploring new ideas & improving along the way. I love meeting new people so I am so excited to be attending the amazing Simply Events Christmas Craft Market on November 20th – I look forward to seeing you all there! “
Wax Melt Snap Bars – handmade, highly scented soy wax melts, made from vegan & cruelty free ingredients & packaged in eco friendly sleeves – £3
20cl Candles – handmade, highly scented candles made with vegan & cruelty free ingredients. Each candle comes with a wooden wick to give an amazing scent throw and a subtle crackling sound when burning – £10.50
100ml diffusers – handmade, highly scented diffusers made with vegan & cruelty free ingredients. Each diffuser has 7 luxury fibre reeds designed to control the fragrance release & give a strong scent throw – £15.00
Car diffusers – handmade, highly scented car diffusers made with vegan and cruelty free ingredients. Simply hang in your car and take in the lovely scent of your choice – £5
Wax Melt selection box – 16 handmade, highly scented, shaped wax melts. 4 different scents (varying from time to time). The perfect gift – £12
Wax Melt Burner Set – your choice of any 2 wax melt snap bars, a burner & a tealight. The perfect gift or starter kit – £12
I will be selling more on the day, such as a variety of Christmas gift sets and advent calendar – but I don’t yet have photographs of these.
Massimo’s Resintastic…
“Hi, I’m Massimo, a year 7 student from St Albans.  I make handmade items from a compound called epoxy resin.  This began as a hobby during Lockdown 2020 with my Dad.  It was something we could do together to help pass the time.  It’s great as I can be creative and I really enjoy making up different combinations.  During Year 6, at primary school, we had an enterprise week.  I had an opportunity to showcase the resin keychains I had been making.  They were very popular and my team did very well.  The items I make are; keychains, necklaces (dinosaurs, minibeasts, dominos, chess pieces) , ornaments (christmas trees, snowflakes, unicorns, carousel), vases and retro games (chess, dominoes and tic tac toe), my selection is expanding and all my items can be custom made, to choice of colours and mixes.”
Price List:
Keychain £2
Necklace £2
Small Snowflake £2
Fish £2
Any keychain or necklace 3 for £5
Large Snowflake £2.50
Unicorn £4
Christmas Tree £3
Carousel £7
Rotating Stand £9
Tic Tac Toe Game £4
Cufflinks £4
Vase £8
Dominoes Set £8
Chess Set Game £20 (plus p&p)
All items can be custom made.
Anne’s Pots…
“All my pots are handmade originals. I mainly concentrate on vases, jugs and bowls, but also like to make model cottages and Christmas trees. I work in my little studio in Thurston.”
This little bowl is about 7cm. tall and is priced at £15.
A very contemporary funnel neck vase which stands at about 14cm tall and priced at £15.
This tree has LED lights and batteries. It’s is about 14cm tall and is priced at £16.
Cottages are really fun to make! This one is priced at £16.

Jenny Southgate Jewellery…

“Simple, wearable, contemporary jewellery designed and made in Exning, Suffolk.

I fell in love with designing and making jewellery over 30 years ago, when my granny, Jose, first taught me to string beads on treasured family visits to my grandparents’ home in Kent. I went on to learn the basics of working with precious metals at an evening class in my home town of Derby, but am largely self-taught since then.  I like unfussy designs and jewellery that is versatile enough to wear walking my dog, working in the office or going out for dinner.  I love textures and incorporate these into my work as much as possible, using hammering and forging techniques to create simple, contemporary pieces, working mainly in silver.  Some of my pieces include gemstones and beads – pearls are a particular favourite and I like the contrast of these delicate, timeless beauties with contemporary hammered silver.”

Jenny Southgate Jewellery photos

Website:  www.jennysouthgate.co.uk

Facebook:  @JennySouthgateJewellery

Instagram:  jennysouthgate_jewellery


Pink Lotus Jewellery…

“Hi, I’m Emily! I founded Pink Lotus Jewellery in early 2020 and have been running it ever since alongside my job and becoming a new mum!
I live in Thurston and love how the community spirit of our village has grown over time, especially with so many fayres and events now!
I always struggled with anxiety and stress throughout my life and at 2019 it hit a peak, it was then I discovered the amazing healing qualities of natural crystal and gemstones. I bought my first ever gemstone bracelet (Amethyst) for my anxiety and I never took it off, I felt truly lost without it! It undoubtedly made me feel calmer and the knot of anxiety it my stomach felt much looser.
Being a creative at heart, I felt I wanted to create these stunning bracelets and pieces of jewellery myself, so I could share their magic with friends and family.  This was how it started! I now have an Etsy shop with over 100 unique, handmade pieces of jewellery, as well as an active Facebook and Instagram group with lots of wonderful supporters!”

Rustic Reindeers…

Violas Epoxy Decor…

“I am 60 years old and epoxy resin is my hobby, which I do  in free time from work. My work has been related to children all my life. I like if I can make people happier.  Prices vary widely from £5 to £100.”